It’s pretty straightforward. When you see a product that’s labeled “Made in USA,” you expect that product to be MADE in USA.

Unfortunately, some companies purposely mislabel their imported products as Made in USA, and right now they are getting away with it.

I’m appearing before the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today to ask the agency to strengthen enforcement of its “Made in USA” standard – and I hope you will raise your voice, too!

American companies and workers take care to ensure “all or virtually all” of their product is manufactured in the United States. A lot of hard work and expense is behind that “Made in USA” label.

When wrongdoers slap a Made in USA label on a foreign-made product, it’s not only unfair to American manufacturers who play by the rules, it is also misleading to consumers who care about the products they buy.

But even when the FTC catches the cheaters, not enough is done about it. Here are a few shocking and shameful examples from 2018:

  • One company sold military-themed backpacks – including on military bases! – with an “American-made” label.  The FTC found that the vast majority of that company’s products were made in China or Mexico.
  • Another company made hockey pucks, and even positioned itself as “the all-American alternative to imported pucks.” All of the company’s pucks were imported from China.
  • A direct-to-consumer mattress firm advertised its mattresses as assembled in the United States. The mattresses were actually made in China.

But in all three of these blatant cases of Made in USA cheating, the FTC politely asked these bad actors to stop this deceitful behavior.

The cheaters paid zero fines — they kept every penny they made deliberately deceiving consumers. No notices to consumers were issued. The companies didn’t even have to admit any wrongdoing!

What’s the point in even having a strong “Made in USA” standard if it isn’t enforced?

It’s time for the FTC to stand up for American manufacturers, workers, and consumers and strengthen its enforcement of “Made in USA.” There should be real consequences when wrongdoers knowingly cheat the system.


Scott Paul
Alliance for American Manufacturing

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